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Case Studies

Take a deep-dive into the studies and analytics we have regarding our previous
experiences with our digital marketing campaigns.

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Goliath Ads Case Studies

Our Approach

Goliath Ads is happy to share thirty (30) unique case studies that detail our approach to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO services for contractors. In each, we present the problem posed by each new client, the actions taken throughout the campaign, and the incredible results we managed to achieve with each new client. Click through each tab, and click on the download tab to download our free case studies!

Facebook Ads Case Studies
Facebook Ads Insights: GoliathAds' Case Study Showcase

Facebook Ads

Follow the download link below to access a zip folder containing ten unique case studies that follow our Facebook Ads experience. These studies explore a variety of problems we faced with clients across different industries. We demonstrate the strategies and actions taken, and how those choices earned our client real results when using the Facebook platform.

Google Ads Insights: GoliathAds' Case Study Showcase

Google Ads

We also have ten unique case studies that follow our paid search journey within Google Ads. Click the link below to download these studies and learn more about how we’ve helped small business clients to large-scale enterprises. You won’t need to purchase a plan to see exactly how high we can rank your business while saving you thousands in your ad budget throughout your time with us.

Google Ads Case Studies
SEO Case Studies
SEO Insights: GoliathAds' Case Study Showcase


Finally, we are providing ten unique case studies courtesy of our search engine optimization specialists. Click the link below to download reports detailing what our team has done in the past for our clients to help rank for keywords, elevate website rankings, improve domain authority, and rank for Google’s coveted 3-pack. All of these case studies are absolutely free and require no signup or information.